At North Texas Vascular Center we believe that everyone has the right to seek out the best treatment option available to them. If you’re not completely satisfied with the diagnosis you recently received, CALL US TODAY, and set up an appointment to get a SECOND OPINION. Under the watchful eyes of Dr. Rizwan H. Bukhari as well as everyone else on our highly skilled team, you can rest assured knowing that your health is our number one priority!

A second opinion from an experienced and highly respected specialist can provide you with the peace of mind necessary to know that you are choosing the ideal management and treatment option for your specific needs. Our office will help you gather the necessary information and medical records before your initial visit, and our providers will review your medical records and the details of your condition prior to your appointment. We will also advise you of any additional tests we recommend during your visit. We invite patients to schedule an appointment with for an in-office evaluation today.



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