A Legacy of Excellence

At NTVC, we have put together an amazing team of professionals to provide excellent care for you throughout your vascular journey. From preventive measures, through medical/surgical incidents, rehabilitation, and maintenance, we are here to help guide you and your family through every step in your Continuum of Care.

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Vascular Conditions

Vascular conditions affect  the veins and arteries in your body, which conduct oxygen to every living cell. Think of  your veins and arteries as expressways or rivers. When there are traffic jams or road construction,  or when dams break, trouble ensues. But in most cases, vascular conditions are highly treatable, often without surgery.  

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Vascular Testing

What kinds of vascular tests are most common? What happens when you have one? Will it hurt? Will it mean you need surgery? Find the most commonly prescribed vascular tests detailed on these pages by clicking on the link below. Be sure to ask your surgeon if you still have questions.

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Vascular Treatments

When it comes to treatments for vascular conditions, there is good news. Many vascular conditions are quite manageable, if you see a physician early. Vascular surgery and procedures are improving all the time, and sometimes no surgery is necessary. For example, in the early stages of peripheral arterial disease, the prescription is just to take regular walks.

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Limb Salvage / Amputation Prevention

North Texas Vascular Center offers patients suffering from critical limb ischemia a comprehensive, expert team devoted to limb salvage and amputation prevention that includes vascular and endovascular specialists. 

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  • Welcome to North Texas Vascular Center! At NTVC we are dedicated to providing the highest quality vascular care in a kind, compassionate, caring environment for our patients and ourselves. We are committed to improving the health and lives of our patients and their families, and we strive to do this with the highest degree of character and ethics. Thank you for visiting, and do not hesitate to schedule your appointment today!

    Rizwan H. Bukhari, MD, FACS

    Founder of NTVC, Vascular and Endovascular Surgeon

  • Welcome to NTVC! I want you to feel fully informed and completely comfortable every step of the way while under my care. I am committed to improving the health and lives of both my patients and their families. Thanks for visiting, and do not hesitate to schedule your appointment today!

    Karen McQuade, MD, FACS

    Vascular and Endovascular Surgeon

  • Howdy! I'm Michael, the Nurse Practitioner at NTVC! My goal is taking a proactive approach to treat you, the whole person, not just the symptoms you walk in with; be they varicose veins or generalized leg pain.  I'm going to take the time to get to understand your background, your family history, and your lifestyle. Then, in conjunction with with Dr. Bukhari and Dr. McQuade, we'll specifically tailor treatment recommendations to make a healthier you!

    Michael Slaughter, FNP-BC

    Nurse Practitioner

  • Hi! I'm Jodi, the Office and Clinical Manager here at NTVC! My number one priority is making sure that you feel comfortable and taken care of while you're with us! Whether you're seeing us a new patient, coming in for a follow up visit, or we're getting you ready for an procedure, you can be sure that I, and everyone at NTVC will treat you and your loved ones like family! If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call me today!

    Jodi Bullard, BSN, RN

    Office and Clinical Manager

Rizwan H. Bukhari, MD

Vascular Surgeon

Rizwan H. Bukhari, MD, FACS is board certified in Vascular Surgery by the American Board of Surgery, and has 20+ of experience treating vascular patients. He strives to provide the highest quality of ...

Karen McQuade, MD

Vascular Surgeon

Karen McQuade, MD, FACS joined NTVC in November 2020. After over a decade in practice as a general and vascular surgeon, she brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience. She is also one of D ...

Rebecca Jankowski, MD

Wound Care Specialist

Rebecca Jankowski, MD, CWSP joined NTVC in March 2022. Originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico she was a pharmacist for almost 10 years prior to matriculationg to medical school. She trained as a gene...



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